Quality Management

Further Quality Management Systems


You should be familiar with these QM Systems if you carry out tests, studies, clinical investigations or, verification tests in your own company.

Table of contents: Further Quality Management Systems

Frequently asked questions when conducting tests and studies

Have you asked yourself some of these questions?

  • Is my testing division a laboratory and, does it have to comply with ISO 17025?
  • To what extent does my testing department, which performs verification testing, need to be independent of the rest of the company?
  • How do I integrate the requirements for laboratories into my existing QM System?
  • Do I have to meet specific requirements to conduct clinical studies?
  • What do I have to consider when conducting clinical studies?
  • Are the requirements for laboratories the same in all European countries? What does the FDA require?

These are just some of the questions you might be asking yourself - or have probably already asked yourself - when it comes to QM requirements for your laboratory for clinical studies.


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GLP, GCP and, GMP - These are the differences

The common QM Systems have many overlapping areas, such as document control or management responsibility. Systems such as GLP, GCP, and GMP additionally include the specifics of the respective location and the activities carried out there:

GLP - Good Laboratory Practice are requirements to the QM System for laboratories, which perform non-clinical safety inspections

GCP - Good Clinical Practice are QM requirements for laboratories conducting clinical studies.

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice, are requirements for a QM System in production

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  3. Are happy to ensure compliance in all departments and reliable results from your tests and studies.