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Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

IT security for network-compatible Medical Devices

Our experts in the field of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence know the requirements, the best practice and are always up to date. Together with you, we record - country-specific - the requirements for your products and present recommendations for the technical solutions.

Since the Cyber-attacks against IT systems in the healthcare sector, the focus has shifted to IT security for network-enabled Medical Devices

A Medical Device must be protected against external attacks that result in the Medical Device no longer functioning or only functioning to a limited extent. In addition, the transmitted data must be secure and of the highest integrity in every status.

Post-Market Surveillance activities must also be extended to cover all possible security gaps that could potentially affect the Medical Device itself.

Ultimately, you may have considered everything, but if the health care institution has security gaps, how can you protect yourself against such vulnerabilities? This is the task of the Medical Device manufacturer in the context of Risk Management:

It is important that they determine and rate all conceivable security risks while also, if possible, mitigating and communicating any remaining residual risks.

Regulatory Requirements for Cybersecurity?

Unfortunately, laws and other regulatory requirements are not always the most reliable. There are hardly any concrete requirements on how to approach Cybersecurity. A glance at FDA or MDCG guidance documents, however, helps to identify where the legislator has considered these requirements without explicitly addressing them. Thus, one refers to IT security, information security, or generally to the security of Medical Devices or their design and adaptation to the state of technology.

Questions about Cybersecurity of Medical Devices - Welcome to new regulatory territory

  • Do you have software in your Medical Device or is your Medical Device a stand-alone software?
  • Is your Medical Device connected to the IT network, has its own Wi-Fi or is self-taught (Artificial Intelligence - AI)?
  • Yet you can't find any guidelines on how to design or protect your Medical Device?
  • Every auditor or authority demands something different from you?
  • You are not sure what you are responsible for and not responsible for?

Artificial Intelligence - Medical Devices with Artificial Intelligence

In the end, you may think that you have thought of everything, but if the healthcare device has a weakness in security, how do you plan to prevent security breaches? These are the tasks for the medical device manufacturers as part of risk management:

  • identify
  • evaluate
  • eliminate security risks if possible, and
  • communicate any remaining risks.

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Does all of this sound overwhelming and terms like IDS, IPS, logs and sandbox are new to you? We would be happy to help you sort through the requirements and protect your product - and therefore your company - against unwanted interference.

Together with you, we will record the requirements for your products - specific to each country - and make suggestions for technical solutions.

Whether you are looking for exploits, or the correct way to document or counter them. We know your assets and will try to protect them!