Quality Management

Quality Management

A functioning quality management system is the engine of every company. It assigns responsibilities, plans the development, and ensures flawless production of a medical device. Furthermore, an implemented quality management system is the basic prerequisite for placing medical devices on the market in Europe.

Quality management is not only a means to an end. In many companies, the misconception still stands, that quality management must cost a lot of money and cause unnecessary documentation – when in fact, the opposite is true. With an optimized and efficient QM system, costs can be saved in many places: by minimizing errors in production, through the clever selection of suppliers and by the targeted training of employees.

Whether EN ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 820, GLP or a solution without a formal framework - our experts will help you to set up an efficient quality management system that represents the real added value for your company.

Reducing costs with efficient QM systems

Minimizing errors in production, skilful selection of suppliers or targeted training of employees: Efficient quality management saves costs. Our QM experts will reveal your potential. Give us a call.

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